CO 350

Spring, 13


Blog Post 6

“Global Theory” of Public Relations


“Paradigms of Global Public Relations” (mycampus handout)

These questions are basically over pp. 1-3

  1. Explain this phrase: “global public relations should fall in the middle between standardization and individualization”

This phrase is in reference to a global public relations practice.  Often practitioners wonder if PR should be practiced standard across the world or if they should individualize it to their own country.  When it is stated that global public relations should fall in the middle, it is saying that there should be a standardized system of ethics, strategy, and two-way symmetrical communication.  However, it should individualize the practice to that specific country.


  1. Is the global theory a normative theory? Explain

Yes, it is a normative theory.  The author of this text emphasizes the should and would of public relations practice.  The global theory states that public relations should fall in the middle between standardization and individualization, and that there could be a set of global standardized principles through which to practice public relations.  However, there is not currently that balance or those standardized rules.


  1. According to Grunig’s research, which of the four “models” does seem to be universal

The press-agentry publicity model of public relations is the one that seems to be practiced universally.  However, this model is proven to be the least effective.


  1. This global theory argues that public relations will be most effective when what happens

Public Relations will be most effective when it applies the 8 generic principles globally and each country tailors them to its own political, economic, and social norms to make it its own.


  1. Explain, in your own words, the 8 “generic principles”

Empowerment of Public Relations—PR professionals have access to senior management of a company and are informed of major decisions and remain in communication with those upper-level management professionals.

Integrated Communication Functions—branches of communication are consolidated or work closely together to put out the same strategic communication

Separate Management Function—a PR department should be its own department and not an extension of marketing, law, or other parts of the company.  When public relations is used as this tool, communication function is lost.

  • It should be headed by a senior manager who directs the communications technicians, rather than a communications technician his/herself.
  • They should be involved in strategic communication between the organization and its publics to maintain the relationships
  • Two-Way Symmetrical Model—These departments should communicate with the organization’s publics and take the advice that they give.
  • Diverse—these departments should include gender diversity, ethnic diversity, and racial diversity in order to communicate with a diverse public
  • Ethical—these branches should practice a standard of ethics that promotes moral and socially responsible behavior.

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